Memorial Service Funeral Arrangements – as if there is not enough to do

There seems to be all the time in the world then there isn’t a second to waste when it comes to sorting out a funeral, a wake or a memorial service… and on top of that, there is the “who is going to say what” & the “all those special photos & films we read more

Reminiscence Rush – after THEIR wedding Hunting your video/handycam tapes

This overcast Monday morning after the glorious Saturday of the Royal Wedding has seen a flurry of “Can you converts my wedding video tapes into something I can watch on my laptop”

The answer of course is “YES”… the next question being: now what is it! Most read more

Mid Century chic – Admirably Retro – Ready for a Refub or “just like my parents’ kitchen? 

Internet of Things, Nest thermostats, Smart Metering… pretty much foreign concepts to a generation who grew up at a time when the red phone box at the end of the road was the way to arrange a “date”.

But its the pictures of The-Way-We-Were which read more

So who gets the photo albums? (divorces & deaths & dementia)

Something strange happens to family photos & old albums during times of distress – the pictures seem so, so long ago & then all the memories shout for the photos to be “put away”… often disposed of by friends & relatives during house clearance, downsizing read more