January 30, 2017


Special2Us is a private, personalised photo-&-aural family-memory service for “Parents with Parents” – the middle-aged and pensioner generations to see-them-through the transition to a digital photographic age so children & friends can enjoy hearing reminiscences & viewing what were previously difficult to access: albums, slides, movies … but as important: documents – ration books, school reports, marriage certificates.

Special2Us is creating an eco-system where families (ie middle aged or young but with aging friends/relatives) or senior individuals arrange for photographs & films/videos to be transferred from all various media into “digital assets”, stored safely (in the cloud) and can be viewed and annotated via the internet, or, reproduced for presents.

Special2Us is the family vault into which today’s pictures & videos from mobiles along with the scans of black & white printed imagery & documents from yesteryear combine to create family & personal legacies… in perpetuity.