Memorial Service Funeral Arrangements – as if there is not enough to do

There seems to be all the time in the world then there isn’t a second to waste when it comes to sorting out a funeral, a wake or a memorial service… and on top of that, there is the “who is going to say what” & the “all those special photos & films we have somewhere which we could show”

Remembering past & happy times

Special2Us will soon be introducing a “We’ll-Sort-It” offering a rapid response to picture scanning requests,  but before that, why not get the albums out of the garage, out of the loft or even from the top shelf & start the process…?

At a sad time where friends, family & neighbours come together to celebrate the life of a special person, it can be helpful to have the genealogy: family tree on show… who is related to who, how many brothers & sisters are there in the family… indeed even “who looks like who”. A golden opportunity to collect the happy memories captured in the albums of previous Christmas’, weddings, births, holidays, school class and sports pictures.

Schooldays’ photo album

Its also a time where relatives can be asked to participate: sharing a photo or recording a reminiscence about the deceased, creating a visual & oral treasure trove of voices & memories, stories & snaps….

Special2Us is working with families within M25/London, in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire and in addition, undertaking projects around the Bournemouth & Christchurch area. If none of these are close to you & the family, Special2Us can arrange for a courier to collect your photos, documents, slides and even videotapes & films and have them digitised at our specialist facility then return them all to you, both by courier as well as creating a unique, web based account where all the family can access the albums, 24-7… from where ever they are in the world.

For Further information, email Paul – [email protected] who will discuss with you how many scans are required, how much will be the cost and how quickly the project can be undertaken…. a few dozen photos or videos can be resolved within a couple of days, a few hundred however takes rather longer as each image is cleaned, scanned, colour corrected and reframed… all of which takes time!

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