Carehomes -who are you living with – what did they do before coming here?

Pictures of the Past…

There’s an old gentleman who is looked after in a residential home, he’s 92, worked all over the world, with all sorts of people but unless somebody sees his bedside pictures, nobody knows. Around him, living with him are similarly remarkable people, but he doesn’t know that either.

Every day, they all sit in the main room, watching television or listening to the activities managers but rarely talking to each other, not finding out about their neighbours … nor making new friends.

Male in wheelchair accompanied by young female

Special2Us is going to help: them, their care homes, the hardworking staff and the relatives of the residents. We’re scanning all the photos, upload them onto a unique, secure, private website where the families, care workers, doctors & visitors can use the photos to start conversations, reminisce about the past & even record the stories of those involved in the photos… keeping the  memories safe for children & grandchildren.

It’s a process that motivates & stimulates, entertains & is helpful for those who are aging, who are living with dementia and those fortune enough to just need a bit of help & physical support but do find themselves lonely at times.

Baby Boy in Pram (1920s) in front of Castle

If you have a relative you might benefit or would like to get a home involved in this initiative, please email Tim ([email protected]) – we are currently working in the Berkshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire regions and involved with initiatives on the south coast: Dorset & Hampshire areas

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