Who’s going to be at mum & dad’s?

It’s October & by now, the organisers of family occasions are already in full swing – who’s eating what, who is visiting who & when… and perhaps the unspoken questions are “which presents for whom” & “what are we going to do to entertain them / talk about!”

It’s a great time when everybody is together to make sure friends & relatives are up-to-date but also to revel in the “do you remember when” old times which could be the occasion to record the family stories, capture photos for a Then & Now album and for grandparents to show grandchildren pictures of pets, homes, cars, fashions, embarrassing school photos or “when I was brought up” recollections.

If that’s the case, why not get some scanning of the old albums underway… either using your new but rarely used printer or download some of the excellent software from the AppStore – Google PhotoScan for example .

With a set of digitised photos, then suddenly a  tablet becomes a useful present to even the relatives who say “I don’t need all that new technology” or “what would I do with a computer”… it’s a way of encouraging keeping in touch… best of all, it may be a way of getting all the old photos together, spreading the complete collection around the family rather than just one of the family taking all the responsibility (and having the maximum risk of keeping all the old photos in one place)

Albums, Documents & Archive Snippets (parents’ & grandparents’ “stuff”)

October & November are the “deals” months at Special2Us… if you haven’t got time to scan / digitise your old photos, we can help you with that so all the new images you’ve got on your Android or iPhone, you can combine with the family’s photos from the past… in addition, Special2Us can digitise the VHS, the Super 8 Films & the little HandyCam tapes which captured all the holidays, family occasions & children playing in the garden at parties in times long gone by.

All the information you need to search & located who is in which pictures

With Special2Us, you have the option of creating typed transcriptions of family stories so all the details can be searched (“where was father evacuated to”, “how did mum make the chocolate roulade: what was her secret ingredient”… even “how many goals did dad let in when he was in the school team”)

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