Tell me about your security & if you go bust!

Flashdrive from Special2Us full of family memories in audio & visual form

We had a really probing email from a potential client last week asking questions about what’s really important to everything we do: security & longevity! What makes us trustworthy & reliable..?

Privacy, Security, Robustness & an “what would we want if the situation was reverse” attitude!

Two of the team here at Special2Us have spent their careers “keeping stuff safe”… in one case by being in the army then furthering their career by working with the government in Cheltenham’s GCHQ, in the other, working for an international telecoms organisation then specialising in corporate cyber threat detection.

But what has that got to do with the precious photos of your grandmother, the voices recorded of your parents & the artifacts you’ve saved from scrapbooks & “treasure-tins”? The answer is of course: you want them when you need them: in times of happiness (children’s naming ceremonies, weddings, anniversaries & parties) and in times of sadness: (death, illness, redundancies & loss). By digitising everything & keeping the files on the cloud / in the ether, on the web… whichever way one wants to call it, the files cannot be damaged by flood, fire, theft or even a squirrel in the loft!

Special2Us keeps the digital files in a way that they can be used in other programmes and on different occasions in different ways… maybe a PowerPoint presentation at an event, maybe to print traditional photos to keep in a wallet/purse or to create wallpaper in a particular room in a new house. Perhaps to make a montage of family voices or even to use as part of a voicemail for a telephone?

Not only does Special2Us archive the files in a usable manner they are backed up in a number of different ways so should technology change or clients want a full copy of everything they own, files can be sent to them electronically or on a disc or transferred on a hard drive – so where ever a client is in the world, their family’s photos & voices can be remotely accessed or permanently retrieved.

Not everybody has an Auntie Cora who lives in Michigan but lots of families have Nana Aadhaya who they may not see from year to year, or a distant cousin Alan in Tynemouth or even in Brisbane but who can access & contribute to the Special2Us family albums with pictures from the past or the new baby snaps, straight from their smartphone.

For further information, email or call us, we’ll be delighted to show you examples or talk you through the process of backing-up photos & voice recordings…. It’s the festive / holiday season, coming up, why not get all the photos together from the relatives who you’ll be seeing in the next few weeks?


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