It’s that “have we got photos to celebrate their life?” moment – Funerals & Memorial Service

It is the saddest thing when someone you know becomes someone you knew (anon)

It’s a time crying & laughing, remembering old times & celebrating somebody special… but when the time comes, there is never enough time to get the family album into shape, the pictures pulled together & collated, digital versions made & programmes made to be watched on screens at the funeral, the wake or during the quiet family times of contemplation.

For a priest or celebrant: whatever the type of service and whatever the place of commemoration, the more stories, the memories and illustrations of past live, the more authentic & personalised the eulogy.

For friends & relatives, the “do you remember this one” photo is ever more powerful if its accompanied by stories & comments heard in through the voices of relations & colleagues…

One of the test cases Special2Us has been undertaking has been to scan photographs & record conversations in a care home, listening & encouraging residents to describe their memories around the photographs they have on their bed side tables.

Character Portrait (man in cap)

October & November are the “deals” months at Special2Us… if you haven’t got time to scan / digitise your or your relatives’ old photos, we can help you with that so all the new images you’ve got on your Android or iPhone, you can combine with the family’s photos from the past… all the information your parents & grandparents carefully catalogued (and you keep promising yourself you’ll do the same with the snaps you have of this summer’s births, marriages (& even funerals) you’ve attended.

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