Summer’s Births Deaths & Marriages

In times gone by you’d have taken your film to the Chemist for “D&P” (Developing & Processing), ordered a set of N-prints (post card sized photos) got everything back and put them all in an album with “who what where when” by now

N Prints (standard sized photographs from chemists & high street photographers)

But what have you done recently? Backed up your phone? No…?

Copied your favourite Facebook Photos into your own albums on your laptop or cloud drive… or even onto a Memory Stick? No…?

Left them on your phone/tablet with then “I’ll remember all the details” but even now in October some of the important information is beginning to get lost, let alone the potentially awful thought of something getting dropped or lost or stolen or even upgraded and the pictures not copied across.

whose grandmothers’ are these

With traditional photographs, there was a degree of resilience… a small degree of security with all those precious memories. … the photos would go into an album which was in the living room somewhere and upstairs in the loft would be the negatives in an envelope. So if one got damaged or destroyed, at least the other could be retrieved.

With your digital memories:

(1) the only copy/original is exactly that… once gone, that’s it. GONE

(2) every year, or maybe every three of so, you get new equipment… and sooner or later, nothing works, nothing is accessible (remember your Betamax  HandyCam, the Super 8 camera, the Walkman, the VHS, the Hi8, even the 8Track in your parents’ car?)

Sorting out Grandparents’ legacy pictures & documents

Its going to be wet next Sunday and you’re probably not going out. Why not get your phone, laptop & tablet together, upload all the photographs and whilst you are at it, get some of the family to record their stories about the pictures?

Just grab a few minutes & a few words… in their own voices… for the future, you’ll have captured how they feel, what was going on at the time you took the pictures and there’ll be a text transcript of what they have said so you can always search out the details.

Best of all, you can share the words & voices & pictures & information with relatives who you still didn’t manage to visit over the summer and might not even see over the winter or Christmas period.

October & November are the “deals” months at Special2Us… if you haven’t got time to scan / digitise your old photos, we can help you with that so all the new images you’ve got on your Android or iPhone, you can combine with the family’s photos from the past… all the information your parents & grandparents carefully catalogued (and you keep promising yourself you’ll do the same with the snaps you have of this summer’s births, marriages (& even funerals) you’ve attended.

Remember everybody who was at their wedding? No of course you can’t!

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