Empty Nesters Longer Nights Wet Weekends – photo albums & family films are being taken out of the loft & off the shelves

In the Spring, Special2Us exhibited at Ideal Home Show

Mother & Son talking to Special2Us about recording family voices & digitising photo albums

Every visitor had a story to tell, a memory to recount & picture they wanted to show relatives & friends… that was March & now its nearly October. The temperature in London is still in its 20s and though the nights are drawing it, autumn has yet to arrive with a vengeance.

All of a sudden, at the end of September, VHS tapes are needing to be digitised, Super8 Films transferred, mementoes, documents & fading family photos scanned? So what is happening?

#Hanukkuh #Diwali & #Christmas always create a “what shall we do for presents this year” and creating a digital family album & recording the voices & stories of the family is a great way of generating memories which can be listened to & look at again… over & over.

Yesterday, we had a client come in with 8videos & 76films… almost all unmarked & with little idea about what she would see on each. Most of them were between 20-40 years old … potentially a big bill to find out what was to seen on each of them. In order to ensure she did not waste her money or time, the Special2Us team have taken samples to digitise, both so she can see the quality and also get an idea of what memories are to be captured digitally.

When this is complete, we will run the whole package of films as a bulk process: colour correcting & editing as each film is scanned. In this way, the client will receive a digital file of each suitable for her laptop or to watch on a television via her tablet or desktop computer or even from her smartphone. Each film is 50’ – equating to 3mins viewing time so she has about 3½ hours of family films to watch

Her VHS videos will be transferred to a digital format – each of her tapes are 3hrs long though as with most clients’ tapes, the first sections are what they have filmed with their cameras & the rest are generally recordings made from current TV programmes of the time. The digital files are of a format so that whether the client has Windows or Apple based  technology, they will be able to watch or edit the files using the easily available software – either pre-loaded on their computers or downloadable from the web.

Flashdrive from Special2Us full of family memories in audio & visual form

The Special2Us hear odd stories about what the clients think they might find on the film we digitise for them… most however find footage  of families on beaches, aunties wearing embarrassing  cardigans but most importantly, the wedding, Christening & early birthday parties of children now grown up with now their own youngsters.

So… what would you find is you had your films & videos put into a format which you could look at whenever & where ever you wanted: with your parents, with your children or even emailed to relatives on the other side of the world!

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