Visiting Relatives? “There must be an App for that”

Thoughts of the queue in the car, parking problems, conversation pauses & “what can we do with them” are often the unspoken emotions of visiting elderly relatives & in-laws Special2Us can’t solve the costs of fuel but we help with the awkward silences & the scurries to the kitchen to make a cup of tea by using the family photos  as a way of engaging grandchildren with grandparents along with capturing all the amusing & poignant recollections from the past.


Reminiscence Material

Birthdays gone by

Photos & Memories

Treasure Tin & Family Memento Collection

Browsing the Appstore isn’t going to make the Bank Holiday automatically sunny or solve the inevitable DIY obligations but what Special2Us will resolve the “what are we going to do with all their old pictures” & the “there are boxes of documents & scrapbooks, how are we going to sort this”

Why not contacts us for our Summer Specials:

– “100 Photos a Month” deal
– “1,000 Pictures – or documents – in 100 Days” Discount Deal

Who is this, who’s relation and where was this taken I wonder

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