Reminiscence Rush – after THEIR wedding Hunting your video/handycam tapes

This overcast Monday morning after the glorious Saturday of the Royal Wedding has seen a flurry of “Can you converts my wedding video tapes into something I can watch on my laptop”

The answer of course is “YES”… the next question being: now what is it! Most of our clients have VHS tapes… either large cassettes or “handycam” mini-tapes, some have Betamax and others Hi8… the format does not really matter, we are geared for almost every variation.  Every now and then, we have the surprise of a client sending us a video to convert only to find that it is a spool of film: Kodak Super8, standard 8mm or even the occasional 16mm reel…. Any and all with distant memories, special occasions & images of long lost relatives & friends… even the occasional forgotten about neighbour!

Once digitised, pictures (however old) can be colour corrected, the dust marks removed, the colours rebalanced and “red-eye” removed… they are email-able and they can be shared among the family.

With Special2Us, the most significant addition to a family vault of photo album in digital form is the option of being able to add voices, commentary, memories, stories of relatives etc… creating a treasure trove for the children & grandchildren to look through & listen to as their families grow up.

During the Royal Wedding on lots of local radio stations & television channels were examples of care homes, hospices & drop-in centres enjoying the images of the event, lots of reminiscing about the residents’ own special events… How about getting out your family’s wedding albums & taking them with you when you next visit your mother & father?

Even better, why not sort out the digitising and storing of the pictures and that way, you’ll only need to carry your phone or tablet around with you? By looking through the pictures in a digital form, if your parents have failing eyesight you can zoom into each image making faces more recognisable, you can increase the contrast & boost the colour to make them more visible, and if you have recorded voices & made commentaries of your videos, you can increase the volume for those who are hard of hearing.

June & July Special2Us are offering a number of “all in one” offers of films/videos & image scanning with one/three/five year vault subscriptions. Email [email protected] with the code: OURSWASSPECIAL

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