Use them sparingly it’s our marketing weapon not a give-away!

Special2Us is a reminiscence service – software used in care homes, by families & friends with a relative who’s affected by loneliness or by relations who are pooling all of their oral history & photographs… It’s not a product easily summed up by single image or graphic at an exhibition but with a high footfall event such as the Ideal Homes Show our guaranteed conversation starter is the humble Humbug…

By happenstance, the origination of humbug production fits almost exactly with the time of Fox Talbot’s ground breaking work in photography but the “confectionary coincidence” (Humbugs, often mistaken for Everton Mints combined with the significant amount of Fox Talbot’s work having been created just across the Pennines in York) is not why exhibition visitors stop & chat to find out more: Humbugs summarise what Special2Us’ target demographic remember about their childhood: “a quarter (4oz / 115g) for tanner” (6d / 2.5p)” pocket money which could be spent at the sweet shop… in the days when there was always a CTN (Confectionery, Tobacco & Newspapers) retailer in every row of shops…. difficult to find now apart from rural villages in UK.

Last year, Special2Us used Sherbet Fountains as a “thank you” for new subscribers as marketing collateral at live events – which has resulted in the win of a major care home group using the software for the recording of reminiscences & the replaying of memories through the use of old photographs & family recollections of stories of old.

Dementia Specialists & Activities Co-ordinators passing the exhibition stands at B2B healthcare shows or B2C events such as “Who Do You Think You Are” immediately came over for a chat, attracted by the traditional yellow packaging & the memories of liquorish (love or loathed) as children.

Once traditional leaflets have failed, there’s no doubt that exhibitors struggling to reach out to new business occasionally & irrelevantly use sweets or chocolate as a “bribe” in the hope they can engage the passers-by who grab a handful of goodies as they tramp the aisles.

Fortunately, as it’s appealing to a “third sense” (seeing, hearing, tasting) for Special2us, a Handful-of-Humbugs creates a half a dozen 10 minute conversations: “I remember when” reminiscences followed by discussions about how to digitally store family treasures currently languishing in dusty scrapbooks & shoeboxes of photo-wallets in the loft.

(If there’s one downside to the recollections created by confectionery at this year’s events for Special2Us, perhaps it will be the visits to the dentist)

Special2Us is on Stand L965 at Olympia’s Ideal Homes Show (17th March through to Easter Sunday 2nd April)

Fox Talbot’s research & resultant photography can be seen at Laycock Abbey (just off J16 of M4) or at the National Science & Media Museum in Bradford (J26 of M62)

Humbugs & Sherbet Dabs are, sadly, less available from around the corner nor brought home in little paper bags

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