some else’s Virtual Reality or ones’ own “Alternative Reality”?

Do your kids really care who Uncle Des was or when he was married? Do they even want to know what he looked like? Probably not & there lies the problem with family photo albums… among all the interesting “stuff” lie mountains of pictures which mean very little to the children of today and the grandchildren of tomorrow.

I know this because not only did I discover that my relations had kept the photos but thrown away all the artifacts & scrap books when they downsized but also after the loss of a parent, I found that not only were the albums full of people we didn’t know but also they hadn’t been annotated so the only person who knew who was who had now departed with all the knowledge of the family’s visual legacy.

January 2014

Special2Us is trying to help encourage grandparents & grandchildren to engage, to combat the loneliness of older age and the isolation of past memories. How?

By scanning family documents & photographs & treasures, all the results are digital & can be accessed by any member of the family, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Not only that, but they can record reminiscences along with the photos so there are family voices to accompany the pictures.

But most importantly, and as an asset for families who may have a member with dementia, Special2Us have developed a “What Happened Then Feature”… its not a virtual reality piece of technology & programming, its a very simple, easy to use, totally understandable way of putting photos into context… its a button which when activated, shows the viewers all the pictures in the headlines of what was happening in the world when their family picture was taken.

How does this help with the picture of Uncle Des? He just happened to be married November 22nd 1963. Does his godson’s daughter know or care about the wedding in Milford Haven & whether Patrica & Arthur were there? No… but she’s fascinated to know that the world changed that afternoon… and Ronald (with Dementia) doesn’t recognise the pictures of his oldest & dearest friends but he vividly remembers listening to the news on the radio in his newly MGB-GT sports car


Special2Us is exhibiting at Olympia’s Ideal Homes show this March & over the Easter break. Come & visit us & ask us how we can help you as “Parents with Parents” get the children talking to the grandparents & how to make sure that all those stories so special to the family can be curated & archived for safe keeping

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