The Next Olympic Sport? Tomorrow's Social Media Craze: Pole Dancing Pensioners?

Distant Memories, Old Photos & pole dancers (recollections in a care home)

The Special2Us had a special weekend … interviewing residents in a care home in Berkshire about their favourite memories & what they held dear about the photographs they kept on their bedside tables. Some of the conversation centred around grandchildren, others reminisced about buying wedding dresses with friends & colleagues clothing coupons but the 103 year old gentleman who caused the most uproar was the one who suggested he’d rather have Pole Dancers in for the afternoon than sit in a group eating lemon drizzle cake & discussing family snaps!

Opinion immediately divided – some of the ladies said they’d read about it in the papers & thought it looked very athletic, others said they remembered the days when they were young enough to have loved to have tried it and others said it would have caused their husbands to have had heart attacks (had they not already had them through old age!)

Not many of the residents photos & documents were scanned in the Special2Us focus group that day but did we record some wonderful reminiscences & comments? Oh YES!

Original Article which caused so many comments & raised such high blood pressure….

Don’t raise your eyebrows because a Dorset care home’s residents chose to watch pole dancers. It is a sport, and I think it sounds rather entertaining

Last week a bold care home in Dorset invited a troupe of pole dancers to perform for its elderly residents. What a thrilling breakthrough, in a number of ways. First, it makes a change from the usual fairly dreary entertainments, and second, the residents chose it themselves, from a list of options. Fancy that! For once they were given a choice, asked their opinion, listened to, and got what they wanted. They fancied “more modern activities”.

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