But is it the “real thing”(?) Snapshots of yesteryear in colour

How do you feel about pictures being restored… or going even further, pictures being enhanced by adding colour back into black-&-white images of old?

Special2Us hasn’t been trading that long – about 5 years … and of all the restoration projects, the greatest number of requests are for the rebalancing of colour pictures from the 70s & 80s which are now very blue or very yellow in comparison with their original “Kodachrome” best… or conversely, for original black-&-white prints to have creases & watermarks removed. Occasionally there is the “please get rid of the red-eye” caused by flashbulbs & revelry at a party but so far, no subscribers have asked for photo recovery or enhancements such as the addition of colour or the “painting” of pictures.

So… is seeing a recoloured photo of your great grandparents a bit like an image of them NOT in their Sunday best?

Or is it, at last, bring history to “real life” & showing them they way they were: after all, who ever saw an oil painting portrait of its benefactor in monochrome?

Original Article on the development of photography from its original prints’ tones & contrasts to “real life” colour

TV historian Dan Snow uncovers a selection of photographs from Britain’s forgotten history in vivid colour to help us appreciate how despite changing times, people haven’t changed

Original Article

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