Ward 6: Bay B: Royal Infirmary– but conversation is a bit difficult.

A month or so ago, my father ended up in hospital…. Daily now, friends, relatives, family & neighbours visit –  often conversation can be stilted: what does one say, how does one engage and, what on earth can one find for kids to do when the age gap between them and their grandfather is nearly 80 years?

Recently, we completed the current feature-set of Special2Us – simple software designed to work on any tablet or phone which allows the user to record & replay voices in conjunction with old pictures. That means my family can record our best wishes & messages for him to listen to.

In addition, it’s going to occupy him as he recovers – the task is going to be to chat about the family photographs and tell us stories which we haven’t heard before: the “backstory” to some of the snaps which we laugh about but don’t really know who is who, when they were taken & what was happening at the time.

With the transcription facility it also means that if there are details he or we can’t remember, we can always check on dates or locations. It may well be that in future times, if he can’t remember quite so clearly, we can replay his voice and help him to recall past events.

Special2Us has benefitted from a huge amount of help & support from the Alzheimer’s Society in 2016, along with case studies & user groups in a home counties care home & the involvement of local scout group who both digitised old photographs & interviewed residents … bringing forth stories of the local town’s development, the wildlife changes within the area, the American’s air base in the war & a trip on the Flying Scotsman steam locomotive.

What’s in your family which you’d like to immortalise in images & reminiscences? Special2Us is a private, advertising-free service which digitises your fiends’ & families memories… from the good old days to the best of times yet to come.

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