Mid Century chic – Admirably Retro – Ready for a Refub or “just like my parents’ kitchen? 

Internet of Things, Nest thermostats, Smart Metering… pretty much foreign concepts to a generation who grew up at a time when the red phone box at the end of the road was the way to arrange a “date”.

But its the pictures of The-Way-We-Were which evoke so may precious memories… the “wasn’t that when we lived in Hollyhocks Road” sort of conversations.

Organisations such as the 20th Century Society & Grade II Listed planning regulations of local authorities … even the estate agent’s “Period Property” descriptions which keep recent heritage from drifting into obscurity & eventual demolition. But family photography is different.

Your pictures and those of your parents’ may not be masterpieces of art but to your children & grandchildren, they’ll be fascinating pieces of photojournalism… examples of what people wore, what was in fashion, how furniture looked in its original settings – but what all of this is missing is “how people spoke”

Special2Us isn’t an actor’s idea of how to mimic an accent of old, or a representation of a bygone era, Special2Us is a way of capturing the here-&-now – the oral memories of friends, family & relatives, in conjunction with the photos of near forgotten memories.

Special2Us is a way of ensuring of minimising the “I wish I’d asked them that” sentiment. Its a way or recording conversations, creating reminiscences through pictures & stories….

Why not give it a go when you next talk to one of the family: Special2Us will work on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer… and along with your & their voices, you will be able to create an instant transcription of the information so facts & figures are available at to touch of the search button

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