I’d take a camera with me everywhere and do “happy snaps”

Inspirational piece about picking up photography… particularly with quotes such as “they gave me a 35mm camera … I’d no idea what I was doing. I’d never used a 35mm before” & “I’ve had a wonderful life and have wonderful memories”

Marilyn Stafford’s best photograph: Albert Einstein in his lounge –

‘It was a little after the Hiroshima bombing. Einstein sat in his lounge wearing baggy tracksuit trousers – and spoke out against atomic weapons’

In 1948, I was living in New York, hoping to break into acting. I’d been part of the Cleveland Play House’s first children’s group, along with Paul Newman and Joel Grey. Shirley Temple was famous and mothers all wanted their daughters to be stars.

One weekend, two friends making a documentary told me they were driving to New Jersey to interview Albert Einstein, hoping he’d say something against nuclear bombs. This was not long after Hiroshima. On the way, they gave me a 35mm camera and told me to take pictures while they filmed. I’d no idea what I was doing. I’d never used a 35mm before so they had to give me a quick lesson in the back of the car.

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