Glasgow’s Gorbals – Getty, Google & a host of historic imagery

Its always fascinating to look at iconic pictures from photo libraries and collections from the web, one has to wonder how many and what quality there are of images in families’ albums which are yet unseen and may never be accessible to the general public?

In contrast, an interesting point was made to one of the Special2us team recently by a member of a user group “you have to remember, not everybody has photos of their family or pictures of where they once lived… some people’s relatives couldn’t afford a camera & certainly not the expenditure of having films developed & prints made”…. a comment which seems so apposite for the recent article:

Life in the Gorbals: Photos reveal Glasgow’s 1940s slums

Sobering images reveal daily life in Glasgow’s densely populated Gorbals district, where 40,000 Scots existed in some of the worst conditions of post-war Europe.

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