So who gets the photo albums? (divorces & deaths & dementia)

Something strange happens to family photos & old albums during times of distress – the pictures seem so, so long ago & then all the memories shout for the photos to be “put away”… often disposed of by friends & relatives during house clearance, downsizing or because they seem valueless after a friend or relative passes on.

Years later, those precious pictures somehow become invaluable – but in the meantime:

Where did they go?
Were they looked after?
Who’s got them?
What can we do with them now?
How can we show the rest of the family?

Special2us holds scans of slides, pictures, photos & documents… along with associated voice recordings & information about each image: date, location, content, people involved… all safely stored and all shareable with friends & family – why not start scanning the most important pictures from your albums or download one of the “take pictures of your pictures” apps such as GooglePhoto & start securing your photos’ future now

Grandparents Parents Children

Distant memories of “parents with parents”

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