Family photos & relative's voices

bringing back memories to share with friends and relatives - anywhere at any time

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Introduction to Special2Us
Your Voice-based Photo Album

Bringing back memories to share with friends and relatives – anywhere at any time

Making Heroes of Grandparents

So many interesting things friends & family did in the past: what were they all?

Moving home & Downsizing

Declutter, save space & money by keeping your treasured documents & photos in the safest place possible

“I must get around to that”

Sort the stress of sorting departed relatives’ pictures, prints, films, negatives & scrapbook documents

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Family Vault

Security, Storage & Family Sharing


  • 10GB of storage space (enough for 500 very high quality or 5,000 HD quality pictures)
  • "what happend then?" find out what else happened on the same day
  • 'how to' advice on scanning and storing
  • (paid every 3 months)
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Photo and Document Scanning

We'll do it for you


/per image
  • Track & Trace Courier Collection
  • Digitisation of photos, slides, albums & scrapbooks, certificates & documents
  • Return of original materials (Track & Trace Courier)
  • Safe Storage with secure 24-7 internet account access
  • DVD or Flashdrive backup options
  • includes Family Vault Service for 1 year
  • (minimum of 100 images)
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Recovery & Restoration

Making it look better

On quotation

  • Retouching to remove dust marks, scratches & water discolouration
  • Adjustments to solve Red Eye (“devil look”)
  • Colour enhancement to bring back how you remember the scene
  • Photo Editing for picture re-composition & removal of unwanted elements
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Prints, Programmes, Legacies & Mementos

Use your images to create something special

On quotation

  • Photo printing for large & small pictures, on paper, canvas, giftware
  • Creation of unique family album programmes for events: weddings, anniversaries
  • Photo details, album curation & “who is this, when was that” service
  • Tea & Tech sessions providing company & reminiscence recording service
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