Family photos & relative's voices

bringing back memories to share with friends and relatives - anywhere at any time

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Introduction to Special2Us
Create a legacy in pictures and voices

Easily access your family’s stories at all times, stored safely and securely

Connect the Generations

Engage children with grandparents through the recording of oral histories

Moving home / Downsizing

Declutter, save space and money when you keep treasured documents and photos in the smaller space possible

Turn hassle into inheritance

Eliminate the stress of sorting through departed relatives’ boxes of slides, prints, negatives and documents

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Family Vault

Security, Storage & Family Sharing


  • 10GB of storage space (enough for 500 very high quality or 5,000 HD quality pictures)
  • "what happend then?" find out what else happened on the same day
  • 'how to' advice on scanning and storing
  • (paid every 3 months)
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Photo and Document Scanning

We'll do it for you


/per image
  • Track & Trace Courier Collection
  • Digitisation of photos, slides, albums & scrapbooks, certificates & documents
  • Return of original materials (Track & Trace Courier)
  • Safe Storage with secure 24-7 internet account access
  • DVD or Flashdrive backup options
  • includes Family Vault Service for 1 year
  • (minimum of 100 images)
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Recovery & Restoration

Making it look better

On quotation

  • Retouching to remove dust marks, scratches & water discolouration
  • Adjustments to solve Red Eye (“devil look”)
  • Colour enhancement to bring back how you remember the scene
  • Photo Editing for picture re-composition & removal of unwanted elements
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Prints, Programmes, Legacies & Mementos

Use your images to create something special

On quotation

  • Photo printing for large & small pictures, on paper, canvas, giftware
  • Creation of unique family album programmes for events: weddings, anniversaries
  • Photo details, album curation & “who is this, when was that” service
  • Tea & Tech sessions providing company & reminiscence recording service
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